About Us!

We are proud to introduce SCV Speed Dating, the only speed dating service here in the Santa Clarita Valley!

Are you tired of endlessly swiping right? Getting a match and never hearing from them? Messaging back and forth, but never meeting in person? Meeting up and having your date not look ANYTHING like their profile picture? Or finally going on a date to realize within minutes that there is no real connection? We get it! That is why we are taking it wayyyy back to face-to-face dating where no one is going to be wasting their time on dating apps.

We are hosting events where you will meet up to 10 other daters and have around 6 minutes with each person. By the time you’re done with your dates, you’ll know if you want to meet them again and we will connect you if you both match! Super simple, just like dating should be. The days of wondering if your date was into you are over!

SCV Speed Dating always covers your first drink, and provides the fellas with cheat sheets with interesting questions to help keep the conversation going.

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How Does Speed Dating Work?

Our events may be a little different from other speed dating events – here’s how we operate!

We ask you to arrive about 20 minutes prior to the event time so we can get you checked in. We give you your complimentary drink ticket and your name tag. You’ll go to the bar, order your drink and mix and mingle with the other singles until everyone arrives.

Once everyone is ready, we explain how the speed dating event will work. We have the women choose their seat and we will tell the men where they start and how to rotate.

When everyone is seated, we will start the timer. You will have between 5 – 6 minutes (depending on the amount of daters) In this time you will get to know your date! We will let you know when your date is over and the men will get up and rotate as the women stay seated. During this time you will fill out your dating card with notes about your date.

You will have a chance to meet everyone and by the end of the night, you will fill out your dater card and check YES or NO if you want to meet any of your dates again. If you both match, we send you both an email with your match’s contact info and the rest is up to you!